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Explain and Evaluate the flaws of Matt Forney’s theory on Self Esteem. 35 Marks.

Please don’t read this response until you have read Forney’s blog first.

Matt Forney’s blog post can be read here: http://mattforney.com/2013/09/16/the-case-against-female-self-esteem/

After reading Matt Forney’s blog post about self-esteem and women, I must say I was more than shocked, I was disgusted, I was flabbergasted and more upset that the comments section was worse than the actual content of the blog post. What worries me is that his twitter page was filled with wailing girls who just said how angry they were reading his post. NO, GIRLS, you need to destroy his back and argue why he was WRONG. Rather than moaning about his faults, why not de-construct the points he made?

However, It can be argued that he has confused his sexual illusions with what is perceived as the truth, his writing appears to be overflowing with errors as he attempts to explain how women should act in society today. Although this argument portrays that it was written by an educated and well informed man, it’s fair to say that this has also been written by a male chauvinist who has discredited the movement several women has been resisting for decades. This essay will assess the poor highlights of Matt Forney’s argument.

Forney begins by rejecting the idea of self-esteem and claims

“women have done nothing to deserve self-esteem”. Continue reading


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