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Let’s Give R.Kelly A Pass.

Let’s give R.Kelly a pass for having a relationship with Aaliyah D.Haugton when she was just 15 years old, and he was 26 years old.

Let’s give R.Kelly a pass; it’s not like the information about him being accused of having sexual relations with Tiffany Hawkins when she was 15 and he was 24 is important.

All the young 9th and 10th graders he waited for in the school’s parking lot, let’s give him a pass for that too!

Let’s also give R.Kelly a pass for having a “relationship” with a young woman, impregnating her, paying for her abortion and splitting up with her later on.

Let’s give R.Kelly a pass because on the 3rd of February 2002, a video was released where he was engaging in sex and urinating on an underage girl. In court it was said that he was charged with 7 accounts of videotaping the intercourse, and 7 accounts of distributing child pornography. It ended in him receiving an acquittal of course (Rape doesn’t matter!) Oh and by the way, it was more than just one video tape, with different girls as young as 14, just in case you are wondering.

When I speak of R.Kelly, I am speaking of the man Billboard named to be one of the most successful R&B artists in the last 25 years with over 40 million albums sold in the USA, 60 worldwide, together with 12 Studio albums. He also has a prominent legacy which continues today, that has inspired the likes of Avant, Usher, , Bruno Mars, Joe, Tyrese, Donnell Jones, Ginuwine, The-Dream, Ne Yo, Tank, K. Michelle and Trey Songz,.

It’s been 15 years since R.Kelly, also known as Robert Sylvester Kelly, was acquitted in court for child pornography, not rape. Now he has come back with the funky and fresh collaboration with Lady Gaga – Do What u Want. In addition, R.Kelly has also released a new album, ‘Black Panties’. You would think that with all the evidence that has been brought forward against R.Kelly in terms of predatory activities with young women, his career would be slaughtered, nope, nope and nope. There haven’t been any talks of boycotting his music, or demanding an end to his career, in fact no one  seem to care that in fact they are welcoming a pervert back into the world again because his music is just so damn good. Why?

First of all, looking at the statistics for rape and how many are reported that even make it to courts and then to conviction, this isn’t surprising because this number is very little. Rape is something that is constantly ignored in society today, it’s not spoken of, it’s okay, if you get raped you must have done something wrong, or you were wearing the wrong clothes, drawing the wrong attention! What’s even more surprising (not really) is that none of these young girls were white. The young girls that R.Kelly sexually manipulated with were black, underage girls who knew they didn’t stand a chance if they exposed their traumatic experiences. Black women in society today are not seen as humans, they matter very little, and they are constantly ignored unless their bodies are needed for playground purposes (please see Miley Cyrus). R.Kelly knew what he was doing, having sex with underage black girls means you are off the hook. If something happens to a black woman, she’s a “big booty hoe” and a “bitch”. When the video tape was exposed, there were several comments that defended R.Kelly’s abysmal actions, and said that these girls were “too fast” and that they “knew what they got themselves into”. Of course they did.

What R.Kelly has done, is that he chose to rape underage black girls because they are more likely to be vulnerable, afraid, and less likely to tell anyone in the fear of being derided.  Enough is enough, as individuals do we need to let ourselves experience these experiences before we can demand justice? So what if you like R.Kelly’s music, what about these young girls? Their lives are practically over whilst R.Kelly’s life has been resurrected. It might not affect you, but it allows space for crimes like this to be committed, and then to be shoved under the carpet without fail. By indulging in R.Kelly’s music, you are not only giving this man a pass, you are giving men exactly like him a pass. Celebrating R.Kelly’s music screams “Hey, I know you were raped, I’m sorry about that but… this man is a musical genius!”  As explained before, rape is something that is ignored, referring back to the statistics, and it’s even worse for black women. Rape victims in this sense do not matter, and will never matter, they will continue to be silenced for as long as it takes because society justifies rape in every way. Women are blamed for these wrong doings because they are the ones who asked for it. As usual,

Newsflash, if a woman doesn’t consent to having sex, its rape. If you need to convince her to having sex with you, it’s rape. If she is underage, it’s rape. If she is under the influences of alcohol, it’s rape. He clothes, her body, her communication has nothing to do with the action of rape. Just to break it down, Rape is down to rapists, and in this male-controlled society, it has been going on for too long to the extent that women are now “asking for it” and that she shouldn’t have “gone to that area”. (Which is bullshit by the way)

I see several (basic) feminists condemning Beyoncé every day because of her marriage choices, yet I fail to see the anger towards Lady Gaga for collaborating with this pervert, but never mind. This is irrelevant because R.Kelly is a multi-millionaire singer and record producer.

Let’s give him a pass.


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