On How We Treat Those Who Serve Us

Something everyone can learn!

Mohadesa Najumi


You’ve heard the saying..

“Character is how you treat those who can do nothing for you”

Well, I posit an adaptation:

“Character is how you treat those who serve you”

There is a snide attitude that exists among our extremely inter-connected and globalised societies: those who serve us are lesser. This is most prevalent from our views on what we would consider a part-time job or career route. Most of us would not take menial roles and the rest of us just try to avoid it.

We do not wish to serve others; even worse, we do not want to spend the rest of our lives serving others. That is a job for the failed people. Yet, it is clear that nobody chooses menial labour. Humans are not created simply to operate at a mechanical, sub-human level.

Even those who “chose” and revel in jobs that demand little mental…

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