Explain and Evaluate the flaws of Matt Forney’s theory on Self Esteem. 35 Marks.

Please don’t read this response until you have read Forney’s blog first.

Matt Forney’s blog post can be read here: http://mattforney.com/2013/09/16/the-case-against-female-self-esteem/

After reading Matt Forney’s blog post about self-esteem and women, I must say I was more than shocked, I was disgusted, I was flabbergasted and more upset that the comments section was worse than the actual content of the blog post. What worries me is that his twitter page was filled with wailing girls who just said how angry they were reading his post. NO, GIRLS, you need to destroy his back and argue why he was WRONG. Rather than moaning about his faults, why not de-construct the points he made?

However, It can be argued that he has confused his sexual illusions with what is perceived as the truth, his writing appears to be overflowing with errors as he attempts to explain how women should act in society today. Although this argument portrays that it was written by an educated and well informed man, it’s fair to say that this has also been written by a male chauvinist who has discredited the movement several women has been resisting for decades. This essay will assess the poor highlights of Matt Forney’s argument.

Forney begins by rejecting the idea of self-esteem and claims

“women have done nothing to deserve self-esteem”.

This is interesting yet ridiculous because without women and our accomplishments where would we be today? I’m not sure he is aware of important women who have contributed to history over 100 years ago in different ways. Let’s name a few shall we? Jane Austen, Ella Barker, Simone de Beauvoir, Margaret Fulla, Dorothy Mary, the list is endless. For Forney to claim that women has deserved nothing to claim self-esteem lacks sufficiency, it’s is obvious that his egoistical self has got the better of him as he fails to understand that actually in fact women has deserved more than self-esteem, we deserve more respect and recognition in compared to how women are treated today. Speaking of the treatment of women, does Forney have ANY idea what women go through? I’m sure he has heard of a magazine called the Cosmopolitan which claims to be the “woman’s guide” for fashion, sex and beauty. This is one example I want to make because this magazine month in, month out successfully finds ways of making different types of women feel like utter shit, whilst resorting to the idea that “slim and skinny” is sexy. I must also reject his senseless view that “If every girl was fired from her job tomorrow, elementary schools would have to shut down for a couple days, but otherwise life would go on as usual”. LOL WRONG, again, what about nurses? Where is their recognition? Women hold a lot more jobs than “government bureaucrats, human resources” to give them “the illusion of independence”. You also must remember that the majority of teachers in the world are women, (educational teachers, just to point that out if he didn’t know) without education where exactly would we be? This is showing in countries that are on the verge of collapse where education is non-existent, so therefore Forney’s first argument is shabby.

Forgive me for starting the next point on a quote but:

“Feminists can screech as loud as they want, but they will never change this fundamental reality; men accord respect based on merit, and if girls want to play in our world, they’ll have to obey our rules. Otherwise, they know where the kitchen is.”

Does Forney have ANY idea of what feminism is about? Feminism is about changing the way how the world view women overall and this is a dangerous example as to why feminism exists. I bet he doesn’t even acknowledge that there are different types of feminism and that there are a lot of inconsistencies within the movement? For example there is 2nd wave/3rd wave, liberal, eco, radical, neo liberal, transactional, intersectional … the list goes on but the point I’m making is that Forney is not in a position to explain what feminism is about. You see that’s the point, we will not be submissive to your hatred of women OR resort to the kitchen where BOTH genders are VERY capable of making a sandwich themselves.

It is obvious that Forney is intimidated by the idea of confident women, as he pushes the idea that women should be independent and liberated and prefers the notion that women should be “weak and vulnerable” as that is the “only way” relationships can progress today. NEWSFLASH, I’ve witnessed several relationships where this is actually the opposite, speak for yourself pal, not everyone likes submission! Forney prefers weak and defenceless women because it is easy for him to exert his male dominance over her therefore showing his pre-eminence and control


And it’s sad to say that Forney participates in this, because rape is not based on what women wear, it is based on male control where women are completely crippled of their personal rights.  I would suggest he seeks medical attention and help because this is not normal; in fact the whole blog post is not normal. It’s a cry for help.

His last paragraph is thoughtless because it begins with:

“women don’t want to have high self-esteem”


I thought you are a man? Not a woman? Therefore you do NOT know what women want; because I’ve read your crap and I CERTAINLY do not want the things you have stated. I DEFINITELY DO NOT want “a man to throw them over his knee, shatter the Berlin Wall around their hearts, and expose the love struck, bashful little girl within.” Nope nope nope and NOPE. I don’t want that bye!

I’m not speaking for everyone but personally I WANT to defeat patriarchy, I WANT a better vision for women, I WANT to go home at late hours without having to stick out my key in my hand in the fear that I may be attacked, I WANT street harassment to end, I WANT “slut” shaming to end, I WANT girls who are as young as 7 to stop being forced into marrying 39 year olds. I WANT gang rapes to cease. I WANT music to stop contradicting itself when referring to “hoes”. I WANT men to know that “wolf whistling” is WRONG. I WANT the freedom where women are not constantly judged by what she wears, or whether or not it makes her “modest”, I actually want a lot of things, but sadly none of this corresponds with what you’ve said… so you’re wrong… again.

“Feminists can claim that women don’t need men, but their actions put the lie to that; they need us far more than we need them”

This is actually the opposite? Today, a lot of married men rely very heavily on their wives for their washing, dinners, and sex especially. Without women, where would you place your small penis if you despise the idea of homosexuality? Single men are more likely to commit suicide because they do not have a woman by their side. I’ve seen that after divorces, men tend to get married quickly, whilst the woman tends to remain single for a long time before entering a new relationship. It has been said time and time again that behind every great man stands behind a great woman, if you look at histories where monarchies existed, Kings were nothing without their Queens. In fact there are SEVERAL single women who are doing fine today? You hear more men ranting about how much they need a “good wife” a “faithful girlfriend”


Back to the point, I’ve only managed to prove that Forney’s blog post was an attention seeking bag of bullshit. Well educated or not, it is VERY obvious that he wanted to write something very controversial even if it disregards FACTS. What’s sad is that several people agreed with him, I knew misogynists existed, but not to that extreme extent, where this backwards view of women is upheld today.


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